MolbergDesign, danish handcrafted wood, rå træ

Because it's Sustainable!

Primarily, Molberg uses big old trees due to the fact that the more wood one uses, the more space is provided for newer trees to grow and thereby expand the amount of forest now and in the future to come. The money from the tree sale increases the opportunity to nurture the other aspects of the woods namely the rich animal life and other vegetation that is significant for the Danish Nature

When using wood in a production, like we do at Molberg, it has a positive effect on Nature, compared to other materials, such as steel, concrete and plastic. One cubic meter of wood saves the atmosphere two tons of CO2. Here is why:

  1. In 1 cubic meter of wood can hold up to 1 ton of CO2.
  2. Nature is saved from approx.  1 ton of CO2 when using wood relatively to steel, concrete and plastic.
MolbergDesign, danish handcrafted wood, rå træ

Because it's Genius!

Wood feels good – it is warmer and softer against your skin than steel, stone and plastic.

Wood is hygienic – wood dries up and kills all bacteria. This is why Molberg cutting boards are more hygienic that cutting boards made from plastic and metal.

Wood is good to have inside – Wood is an organic material that levels the humidity of the air and removes the feeling of stuffy air.

At Molberg, we also use wood because it is a very strong and persistent material relative to its weight.

Wood can be used and re-used and it is therefore the most environmental friendly raw material there is – in other words, wood is genius!

MolbergDesign, danish handcrafted wood, rå træ

Now you have the opportunity to give back to Nature - plant 3 trees and you can make yourself CO2 neutral

We can also do it for you

If you buy a keyring for 50 DKK, we make sure that the money goes directly to the Danish woods.