Molberg Design, danish handcrafted wood, rå træ design

The philosophy

Molberg is a young Danish company, that is dedicated to produce nature designed handcrafted woodinterior made by Danish wood, inspired by Nature and its bionic design - no human designers, only hard-working hands with a creative soul.  

It all started with a wondering - a wondering why we do not to a larger extent utilize Nature and its beautiful and unique contours and designs? This it what Molberg refers to as bionic design by Nature itself, where it is the Nature who has created the products and Molberg only customizes and facilitates the products. All products are handcrafted and made from Danish wood, as Molberg wishes to place focus on the unique natural resources of Denmark.

The hands

Even though the products have all been through the same process, every product is unique. Each product has its own personality and contains a good idea and an aesthetic elegance in a combination with the raw twist of Nature.


Jonas Molberg and his father have picked out all the different trees before hand and based on each tree and its unique shape and complexity every single product is created in respect to Nature's own design. In the family's back yard, these unique products are created using a broad selection of tools and good old-fashioned hard work.

Molberg Design

Today, Molberg products are also made by other wood specialists, who all holds years of experience within the field of treating and processing wood products. These specialists are driven by a passion for the uniqueness of Danish wood and its expression, and they are all included in the Molberg company as professional partners and suppliers.

The nature is responsible for the design 

- we provide the hard-working hands.